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  • 20. October 2015

WARSTEINER celebrates Charles Perry – the original Soul Superhero

Charles Perry’s soulful singing and infectious personality kept the WARSTEINER Perfect Pour-Off jumping all night long. But through a serendipitous twist of fate, he quickly proved to be more than just the night’s perfect host. His authentic nature is undeniable and we quickly became captivated by his unique story and drawn to his honest presence.

Charles gave us the opportunity to sit down and talk with him and the connection was instantaneous. The singer, songwriter and Soul Superhero began singing at the tender age of 5, performing for friends, family and anyone who would listen. And, not unlike WARSTEINER – which owes its legacy to a family tradition nine generations in the making – Charles’ work is still heavily influenced by what he learned from family growing up in Brooklyn, New York.

Throughout his career in the music industry he has let the lessons learned from a strong, tight-knit family be his guide and a reminder of the person, and performer, he wants to be. His close connection to family is what sets him apart and brings a haunting honesty to every performance.

Charles Perry is a true original and an inspiration to WARSTEINER enthusiasts everywhere. He reminds us that – whatever it is you do, whatever moves you – embrace it, and do it right.

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